manuel castillo


University of Kentucky (USA)
Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering. Dr. Fred A. Payne
Animal and Food Sciences. Dr. Clair L. Hicks; Dr. Youling L. Xiong
Mechanical Engineering. Dr. M. Pinar Mengüç

University of Wisconsin (USA)
Food Science. Dr. John A. Lucey

University of Tennessee (USA)
Food Science. Dr. Federico M. Harte

University College Dublin (Ireland)
UCD Institute of Food and Health. Dr. Colm P. O´Donnell

University of Murcia (Spain)
Food Science and Technology and Human Nutrition and Food Safety. Dr. J. Laencina; Dr. M.B. López; Dr. M.D. Garrido; Dr. S. Banón; Dr. J.M. Ros

Moorepark Food Research Centre, Teagasc (Ireland)
Dairy Products Research Centre. Dr. Donal O´Callaghan